Roof Repair

Wind and Weather Damage To Your Home

Michigan weather can wreak havoc on your roof. From high winds to large hail, your roof can take a beating year in and year out. High winds can also damage your siding, gutters, windows, and doors as well as your roof.

When in need of roof repair, look no further than the experts at Canton Construction. Canton Construction can work with your insurance company to make your roof repairs fast and hassle-free. Canton Construction has been serving Metro Detroit Homeowners and Businesses since 1995.

Roof Repair Insurance Claims

Canton Construction is your neighborhood insurance specialists. Also. with over 20 years of experience, you know your roof repair job is in the right hands. In most cases no deposit is required, Canton Construction usually uses your insurance company’s settlement as payment in full.

Benefits of Roof Repair and Installation

There is a multitude of benefits with a new roof or repair. Of course, the first and most important benefit is the safety of your family. But there are other benefits that some homeowners may not consider. One benefit from a new roof is curb appeal!  One of the first things from the street a potential home buyer sees is the roof.  Of course, our roofing experts at Canton Construction can help you decide which color shingle best suites your home for the best appeal.

Have your heating and cooling bills been rising steadily? Does your furnace have to run way harder in the winter than it should? What about your air conditioning? Along with new insulation, a new roof can help with your heating and cooling costs. New shingles can help reflect solar heat and prevent heat from escaping in the winter. By using shingles with good Energy Star rating it will benefit you tremendously.

Finally, if you plan on selling within the next five to ten years, then a new roof can really benefit you. Many new home buyers want to know how the roof on a potential home is. With a good roof, buyers are way more into buying your home than if you had to replace the roof. A new roof will add tremendous resale value to your home and is always a great investment.

Roof Installation

Has your roof seen better days? Are your roof shingles starting to curl up or fall off? Also, have you seen leaks in your roof? It may be time to replace your roof, and the roofing experts at Canton Construction can replace your entire roof. While we do roofing repairs, we also have talented experienced crews that can install an entire roof!

Our roofing experts that service all of Canton, Livonia, Garden City, Westland and many other cities, can help you determine what option is best for you. We can help determine if your roof needs more ventilation or new quality shingles such as IKOOwen Corning or Certainteed and if you need new wood for the foundation of your roof.  Also, we can help you decide what color shingle works best with your siding.

Having a new roof installed by Canton Construction can help your heating bills, a new roof helps prevent heat from escaping through your roof.  With decades of roofing experience and great installation prices, Canton Construction is the best choice for a new roof installation in Canton or Livonia.

Give Canton Construction a call today at 734-844-8420 or contact us and get your roof repaired or a new roof installed right away!

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