There is nothing worse than trying to deal with living in a home with a leaky roof. Moving buckets around, making sure you remember to dump the water or hoping that you don’t develop mold in your home shouldn’t be your answer to the problem. A leaky or damaged roof is not going to fix itself over time. If anything roofing problems will gradually get worse and worse. Also, this can cause severe damage to your home’s structure if not dealt with in a timely manner. Sure, roof repair is an option, but, depending on how old your homes roof is it may be more beneficial for you to get a new roof installation in Westland  MI.

Cost of New Roof Installation in Westland MI

There are many things that are involved when determining the cost of a new roof installation in Westland, MI. Some of the factors that go into pricing a new roof are:Roof Installation in Westland

  • Size of your home
  • Materials being used
  • Roof structure or design
  • Slope of roof
  • Levels of your home

Homeowners can determine the cost or their unique new roof installation in Westland, Livonia, or Plymouth, Michigan. Simply get a quote now from our Michigan roofing professionals. Your needs and wants for a new roof are important to us. We want to make sure that your roof not only provides your home with the protection it needs, but also meets your visual expectations!

Storm Damage Roof Repair or Insurance Claims

Residents can turn to Canton Construction Corp  in the event of storm damage. Customer’s can contact us to work with their insurance company timely roof repair following a storm. Storm damage may include damage that may have been caused by tornadoes, wind storms, hail storms, falling trees, or other natural disasters. Finally, find out more information about the insurance claim process and how we work with your insurance company to make sure that your home gets repaired!