Hail can cause minor to extreme roof problems, depending on the severity of a hail storm. Sometimes, it’s hard to detect whether it’s hail that’s caused roof damage, however, there are signs, such as leaks, dings and dents, to help you recognize hail damage on shingled or flat roofs.

How to Detect Hail Damage

You may not be able to notice hail damage right away because you’re looking at it from the ground, so getting a closer look is always suggested. Things, such as bruises, missing or fractured shingles is always something to take into consideration while assessing the damage. Hail storms tend to leave small dark spots where the hail knocked off the shingles granules. Although most hail storms are harmless to roofs, you should always be sure to have your roof’s shingles checked out and even, replaced as soon as possible.

Singles react differently when struck by hail. Hail damage to composition and asphalt shingles can appear very different than hail damage to wood shingles. It is crucial to know the different effects of hail damage to properly distinguish whether or not you have roof damage from a hail storm.

Not Sure if Your Roof is Damaged?

With Michigan weather, you never know what to expect. One moment, it could be bright and sunny, the next moment, it could be snowing. It’s always good to be on your toes and prepared for whatever the weather may bring, no matter what.Hail Damage

Sometimes storms can cause so much havoc on your roof and you never know until the damage is done. This season, beat the odds and get your roof checked out before winter hits. Hail damage is not something to play with. In fact, it could possibly cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t get the situation handled immediately.

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November 15th, 2017

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